Design & Distribution of LED lighting for professionals.


Specialist in the Manufacture and Distribution of Professional LED Systems

LDF-PRO (Brands: CDLED-PRO® and STAIRS®) is a French company specializing in professional LED lighting. We are both a manufacturer and distributor of high quality, high reliability LED lighting systems. Pioneer of LED in FRANCE, our experience allows us to support you in all your steps, from the design of your own LED product to the photometric study necessary to respond to your calls for tenders.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development and respect for the environment are among the key values ​​of CDLED-PRO®. Our LED solutions are fully in line with this philosophy. Their low energy consumption, their long lifespan (our professional systems using exclusively branded LEDs and European electronic components) and the recyclable nature which allows the reduction of waste in the environment. As a French Manufacturer, we are a member of the RECYLUM network.